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    Automotive Lens    
    Automotive Lens
    Product Description:

    Ricom Automotive lens belongs to dual-use technology application development, advanced optical design, for the big wide Angle lens, compared with the ordinary lens products, can achieve a wide range of clear imaging, a broader view, in the product stability, the application of high and low temperature environment have a better control, therefore, automotive products belong to high-end core technology products of the company. It is widely used in ADAS (intelligent driving assistance system), fatigue monitoring, driving record, etc.

    Product Features:

    High pixel, relying on customized product development experience, have better control ability in high and low temperature control; Early involvement in fatigue driving market, high customer recognition; More advanced optical design, larger Angle, wider field of vision; Strictly in accordance with the regulations of the OEMs, the reliability meets the requirements of the major OEMs.

    Application Scenarios:

    The forward view is applied to ADAS and active safety system, the backward view and the circular view are applied to parking assistance, the inner view is applied to gesture recognition and man-machine interaction, and the dash CAM is used to record the vehicle's road information throughout the whole process from driving to parking.

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