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    Infrared Lens    
    Infrared Lens
    Product Description

    Infrared products are mainly used for detection and identification by infrared radiation from objects. They are widely used in national defense field, now the leading application fields are mainly in infrared tracking and guidance technology, infrared night vision technology and infrared remote sensing technology. With the technology readiness development and cost decreasing, infrared technology application has been penetrated from military field to more fields such as urban security monitoring, automotive and consumer product, forest fire warning, building energy high-temperature point detection, high-speed railway safety detection. Infrared products are mainly used for humidity and temperature test, detection and warning, remote sensing, infrared anti-counterfeiting and so on.

    Product Features:
    Power zoom, Synchronous focusing during full range zoom, ≥80% infrared transmittance in long-wave and mid-wave, working temperature: 40~80℃

    Application Scenarios:

    Thermal image products are widely used in military, industry, automotive assisted driving and medical fields.

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