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    Machine Vision Lenses    
    Machine Vision Lenses
    Product Description

    Machine vision lenses are used to replace human eyes to make measurement and decisions. To collect the object on the imaging sensor face and transfer the object into image signal. The signal is transferred to the system and the system will make analysis and judgment, and send order to control machine movement. In workplaces where are dangers for manual work or manual vision can’t meet demand, or in mass production that using manual vision causing low efficiency and accuracy, machine vision lenses can be used in these places to detect product defect, monitor production lines, guide assembly robots and tracking, picking and detect component to realize production automation, to help customer promote quality, delete error and decrease cost.

    Product Features:

    Manual zoom; low distortion; ultra-high definition; using high resolution and low dispersion lens, multi-layer broadband coating to ensure high visible light transmittance; supporting short working distances, maintaining excellent optical performance over the entire working distance; excellent high and low temperature performance, supporting detection work in high and low temperature。

    Application Scenarios
    Suitable for scanning code detection, defect detection, industrial equipment and other fields.

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